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  1. They said there was a case against me for an old payday loan. I got all of the info then told them I will include it in my current bankruptcy which they said cannot be done (A LIE) Then they started to get rude and hung up on me since they knew they were not going to get any money from me. I called back several times and after that they kept hanging up on me until I got a new person who gave me completely different info different loan company different balance different dates it’s all a lie

  2. Caller continues to leave messages, never disclising who they are our who they represent, and have called family and friends. I do not have debt and if there is business between us, they should put it in writing, disclose all details, and mail to the address of record that they should have

  3. Debt collector continues to call mobile phone, not disclose who they represent or who they are and now are calling family and friends. Any debt should have clarity, full disclosure and put in writing and mailed to an address of record Calls

  4. Rude company..Will not provide proof of debt


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