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Company Name: SCAMMER

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  1. dido of the above statement…. from Oklahoma City, OK I also contacted my doctors’ office in which my bill was shown as paid and account closed. though more investigation I found that some how this company is getting personal information from hospital departments and contacting patients indicating that they are a collection agency for that hospital dept.

    I recommend that before giving any information to any agency to contact your doctor’s office billing dept, than contact the hospital that you were affiliated with billing dept… than call back the entity that contacted you when they realize you know as much as you they will closed the fraud claim and leave you along… I also reported the information to the Hospital so that they could protect them self’s from a potential law suite…

    I know as much because I have own and operate a Medical Billing for over 15 years… something they didn’t not bank on.

  2. Constant calls throughout the day and night

  3. Looked number up on google and people state that they ask for personal information without stating who they work for or for what supposed debt you owe.


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