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Activity Ranking: 3669
Phone Type: UNKNOWN
Caller Type: Reported Debt Collector
Number Location: UNKNOWN

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  1. Ally finincial… Rip off finance company, CALLED ON EASTER SUNDAY AND ALL SUNDAYS. I will be filing a suit against them BIG TIME, SPREAD the WORLD people, they are the worst non American speaking, lying, Scammers…

  2. These people called looking for my father. They told me they were office ally which is a medical claims processing site. My father is a PA so this almost made sense other than they were calling his married daughter to get a hold of him…anyway none of the phone numbers lined up with Office Ally’s. So scam.

  3. These people contacted me looking for my brother. when he called back he said he has an outstanding account with aloy commercial in LA, which he has no connection to. when he told them he doesn’t have any accounts there, they said to tell anyone who calls again to remove him from their list.
    Very strange, and annoying.

  4. I live in the west ciast with east phone number an sence uve moved here rhis calls early an often an speaks so fast I cant hardly hear her but her return number is nice an slow an easy to hear…730 am calls wont ve tolerated with me…its not my bill birher the actual person not ME.


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