510-222-0725 | 5102220725

Company Name: UNKNOWN

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Activity Ranking: 1522
Phone Type: UNKNOWN
Caller Type: UNKNOWN
Number Location: EL SOBRANTE, CA

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  1. Internet Scam. My Bank found this number tied in with Drug Runners who compromised a friends Facebook account contacts list. Ive submitted this number to the FBI, FTC, CHP, local P.D.and Sheriffs Departments who are all synced and notified inba sharing Circle. This Number is also linked to 866-483-8314 number. You assholes bother me you now nother all the Agencies Ive mentioned.

  2. Collect calls from the county detention center from unknown person. My phone dont accept collect calls. They wont stop calling

  3. My fone was programmed by an authorized distributor of an ADT alarm system on a 3 day trial bases, and my husband ,and myself, called to cancel and insisted they come pickup and disconnect, so called security system,after 2 days of 3 day free trial which we hadn’t even used once, but our rep answered our call informed us he was at great america,park and hhe’d call us from home later that evening., never called back or canceled us with ADT we had ADT walk us through disconnect system over fone.he


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